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SeedStage.com is the premier resource for helping entrepreneurs and businesses secure financing for new growth initiatives and businesses.  Finding and securing the right source of capital is one of the most important steps an entrepreneur can take towards building a business.  Raising capital is a difficult and time consuming process that requires proper preparation.  Of paramount importance is first understanding what financing options are available.  Early stage financing, often termed “seed stage” financing sources include: friends and family, angel investors, angel investment clubs and networks, venture capital firms, private equity firms, specialty financing firms and corporate venture arms of corporations.  Seed stage investing is a high risk/high return proposition.  Large companies across all industry segments were once small enterprises.  Acquiring the right mix of talent and capital and focusing on a large problem has made many people in regions all across the world extremely wealthy.  Seed stage investing and building early stage companies into profitable ventures takes a high caliber team and the right sources of capital.  The West Coast of the United State, especially regions including Seattle (Pacific Northwest), Silicon Valley and San Francisco, Portland and Los Angeles are said to have the highest concentration of seed stage or angel investors.  Good luck in your venture and/or investing and please stay tuned as we build this into the premier information source and network for seed stage investing!

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